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Top 5 Nightclub Safety Tips

Being Responsible at Your Local Club

Clubbing or bar hopping can be a great way to let off steam during the work week or have an enjoyable weekend before heading back to the daily grind. However, a night of fun does not mean a night of irresponsibility.

Drinking Responsibly

Drinking alcohol responsibly is very important if you want to make your night of clubbing end on a good note and not with tragedy. It is important to never drink in excess as this can cause alcohol poisoning or other serious problems. Also, you should never drink a beverage that was left unattended even for a moment.

Designated Drivers

Even if you plan on drinking responsibly, it is a good idea to choose somebody in your group of friends to be the designated driver. This individual should be careful not to consume any alcoholic beverages throughout the night so that he or she is in a perfect condition to drive home at the end of the evening. Designated drivers may choose to collect keys from all the members of his or her group in order to prevent someone from inadvertently breaking away and driving home while drunk.

Safety in Numbers

Visiting a club or a bar with a group of friends is a much more preferable alternative to clubbing alone. When you attend a club or a bar with friends, or even one friend, you immediately become less likely to be taken advantage of than if you visited a bar by yourself. When you have friends with you, you can monitor each others' drinking and alcohol consumption and intervene if things begin to get out of hand. You can also make sure that no one walks to their vehicle alone or attempts to drive while inebriated.

Dealing with Strangers Responsibly

One common risk when attending a club or a bar by yourself or becoming isolated from your friends is that you may meet an individual or a group of people that do not have your best interest at heart. While most clubs and bars are safe places that are filled with people like you that just want to enjoy the evening and have a little fun, some clubs are hangout spots for potential predators. Sexual predators and thieves know that bars and clubs are locations where some consumers may get inebriated and let their guards down. When you let your guard down because of excessive alcohol consumption, you may unknowingly become a target for these types of predators. This is why it is so important to stay with a group of friends and to drink responsibly. However, even if you do drink a little too much or become separated from your friends, it is important to remember never to leave a bar with a stranger or allow a stranger to give you a ride. Furthermore, never agree to go to an individual's residence if you've only just met him at a club or a bar. These guidelines will help to keep you safe from potential predators or individuals who would seek to do you harm.

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